Emmi Program Releases and Enhancements - June 2023

The following programs will be released on June 28, 2023. To preview program updates, please visit tryemmi.com and enter the code JUN2023.
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Updated Programs

Stroke – Preventing Stroke and TIA 

Program Code: 561

Subscriptions: EmmiEngage, EmmiHealth, Faith-Based EmmiEngage

Main updates:

  • Harmonized content with UTD
    • Added specific physical activity goal of 150 minutes each week
    • Explicitly stated the 3 types of meds that can help prevent stroke and updated section about those meds accordingly: blood pressures medicines, medicines that help lower cholesterol, medicines that prevent blood clots.
    • Removed discussion of endarterectomy and stenting since this is about prevention/asymptomatic carotid disease
    • Changed discussion of alcohol from “excessive use” to the idea that any use can have potential effects
    • Removed ephedra from list of stimulants as it is now banned
  • Updated the acronym FAST to BE FAST
  • Updated program for inclusivity
    • Added more diverse artwork
    • Updated for gendered language
These updates have also been applied to the following EmmiEducate programs: 

  • Signs of Stroke: Overview (31899)
  • Stroke and TIA: Overview (32546)

COVID-19: Full Program 

Program Code: 31443

Subscriptions: EmmiEngage, EmmiSafety, Faith-Based EmmiEngage

Main Changes:

  • Harmonized content with UTD/CDI
    • Updated to include current guidelines around vaccinations, testing, what to do if feeling sick, and steps to take after potential exposure
    • Removed language around number of cases in community due to new guidelines
    • Added language around COVID-19 treatments, specifically Paxlovid
  • Removed reference to shots being free
  • Removed “How can I slow the spread?” section
These updates have also been applied to the following associated short-form programs:
  • COVID-19: What is COVID-19? (33209)
  • COVID-19: How does it spread? (31518)
  • COVID-19: What are the symptoms? (31521)
  • COVID-19: What should I do if I'm worried I've been exposed? (31516)
  • COVID-19: What should I do if I'm feeling sick? (31517)
  • COVID-19: What can I do to stay healthy? (31520)