Emmi Program Releases and Enhancements - July 2023

The following programs will be released on July 26, 2023. To preview program updates, please visit tryemmi.com and enter the code JUL2023.
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Updated Programs


Program Code: 124

Subscriptions: EmmiEngage, EmmiPrep, Faith-Based EmmiEngage

Main updates:

  • AMR and Harmonization updates
    • Updated language about sedation
    • Minor updates to language about the incidence of some risks
    • Updated language about adverse reactions to iodine-based contrast materials
  • Updated with modernized standard language (i.e. medical history, medication list, NPO language, etc.)
  • Updated to improve inclusivity
These updates have also been applied to the following EmmiEducate program: 

  • What Happens During an ERCP?: Overview (32204)
COVID-19 Vaccines

Program Code: 32625

Subscriptions: EmmiEngage, EmmiSafety, Faith-Based EmmiEngage

Main updates:

  • Harmonized content with UTD/CDI
    • Edited to match current guidelines on COVID-19 vaccines
  • Removed reference to shots being free
  • Reframed program towards keeping yourself healthy with vaccines, instead of needing vaccines to reach post-pandemic life
  • Reframed “Are the COVID-19 vaccines safe section” towards the known, common side-effects and the very rare reactions that can happen.
  • Deleted “How can I get a COVID-19 vaccine” section