Emmi Program Releases and Enhancements - 2022 Highlights

In 2022, we released 14 new programs and updated 54 programs. To preview all new programs we've released this year, please visit tryemmi.com and enter the code RECAP2022. Click here to preview our interactive programs.
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2022 Interactive Emmi Program Highlights


Program Code: 33918

Subscriptions: EmmiEngage, EmmiHealth, Faith-Based EmmiEngage

This program consists of an interactive series of statements and answers that aim to provide clarity on common misconceptions surrounding the health risks of vaping. This program intentionally utilizes artwork, interactivity, and language to encourage active learning for a younger audience

Medication Adherence

Program Code: 33367

Subscriptions: EmmiEngage, EmmiHealth, Faith-Based EmmiEngage

This is a one-of-a-kind program that provides actionable and supportive information to help users with their medicine needs. The program utilizes an interactive screener to learn users’ habits, barriers, and beliefs about their medicines, and then customizes the remaining content to provide relevant information based on their responses. The user-facing program title is Help with Your Medicines.


Program Code: 41

Subscriptions: EmmiEngage, EmmiPrep, Faith-Based EmmiEngage

This program is designed to prepare patients for their upcoming colonoscopy procedure. The newly modernized program now features new interactivity, visuals, and voiceover. It also provides a branching option for recurrent colonoscopy patients to go directly to prep section of program.

2022 Enhancements

Enhanced Consumer Engagement Tool
Help health consumers get the most out of Emmi by providing an opportunity to learn about their health at their own pace, when and how they want. With the new Self Service Website for health education, consumers can search and browse health education topics across the Emmi library based on their interests.

The library can be made available in several ways:

  • Link to the tool from a public website or consumer health portal
  • Waiting room poster inviting consumers to visit the site and explore
  • Pre- and peri-operative and bedside counselling or institutional devices