Emmi Program Updates and Enhancements - August 2022

The following programs will be released on August 31, 2022. To preview our new interactive program, click here. To preview the updated programs, please visit tryemmi.com and enter the code AUG2022.
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New Emmi Program


Program Code: 33918

Subscriptions: EmmiEngage, EmmiHealth, Faith-Based EmmiEngage

The program consists of an interactive series of statements and answers that will provide clarity on common misconceptions surrounding the health risks of vaping, including:

  • Vaping is not better for you than smoking cigarettes
  • Vaping can become addictive
  • Flavor only vaping is not safe
  • All vaping devices are not approved for safety

Updated Emmi Programs

Adult Anesthesia

Program Code: 76

Subscriptions: EmmiEngage, EmmiHealth, Faith-Based EmmiEngage

Main changes:

  • Harmonized content with UTD/CDI notes:
    • Updated medical condition examples to share with doctor (high blood pressure, heart disease, lung, liver or kidney disease, GERD)
    • Added language from Pediatric Anesthesia program on anesthesia risks, spirometry use, and spinal blocks
    • Removed pneumonia, blood transfusion, and breathing tube risks, edited all risks to be more concise
    • Moved General Anesthesia up to first anesthesia discussed
  • Updated content with AMR notes
  • Deleted several lines for better content flow
  • Revised for gendered language
These updates have also been applied to the following EmmiEducate programs:

  • General Anesthesia: Overview (31870)
  • Local or Regional Anesthesia: Overview (32030)
  • Types of Sedation: Overview (32031)
  • What Is Anesthesia?: Overview (31869)
CT Scan

Program Code: 24043

Subscriptions: EmmiEngage, EmmiSafety, Faith-Based EmmiEngage

Main changes:

  • Updated content and artwork to improve inclusivity and representation
  • Harmonized content with UpToDate:
    • Program previously listed out specific medicines physicians may ask people to take to avoid having a reaction to contrast.
    • Removed specific medication names, as this is something that needs to be specified by the physician.
These updates have also been applied to the following EmmiEducate program: 

  • What Happens During a CT Scan?: Overview (32032)
Anticoagulant Injections: At-Home (Lovenox, Fragmin, Arixtra)

Program Code: 25098

Subscriptions: EmmiEngage, Faith-Based EmmiEngage

Main changes:

  • Harmonized content with UTD/CDI:
    • Added language around why injections over pills may be used (i.e. some people cannot take pills or injections work better for them)
    • Emphasized importance of knowing accurate dosage for medicine before giving injection & giving injections at right time
    • Included language on needles that automatically retract opposed to having a safety shield
    • Added language on sharps disposal container alternatives
    • Updated recommendations for home safety while using anticoagulants
    • Added signs of a stroke to call for emergency help
  • Updated content with JHU client feedback:
    • Revised medical art to show accurate syringe plunger measurement
    • Added language describing syringe medical art and where the plunger should be lined up
  • Updated program for inclusivity:
    • Added more diverse artwork
  • Rearranged several lines for better content flow