Emmi Program Releases and Enhancements - April 2023

The following programs will be released on April 26, 2023. To preview program updates, please visit tryemmi.com and enter the code APR2023.
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Updated Programs

Hysteroscopy (Operative) 

Program Code: 88

Subscriptions: EmmiEngage, EmmiPrep, Faith-Based EmmiEngage

Main updates:

  • Updates per AMR and UTD suggestions
    • Descriptions of medications for anesthesia and analgesia medicine adjusted to set proper expectations for patient experience
    • Modernized instrument and procedure descriptions
    • Refer to hysteroscopy as a procedure rather than surgery
  • Differentiated description of procedure from the other hysteroscopy program by describing more invasive treatment procedures (e.g. D&C, myomectomy, and polypectomy) that are possible when a patient is sedated.
  • Program names updated for both Hysteroscopy programs updated to improve differentiation.
  • Updates to improve inclusivity.
  • Updates to improve accessibility.
These updates have also been applied to the following EmmiEducate programs: 

  • What Happens During a Hysteroscopy?: Overview (32095)
  • Why May I Need a Hysteroscopy?: Overview (32103)

Hysteroscopy (Diagnostic)

Program Code: 754

Subscriptions: EmmiEngage, EmmiPrep, Faith-Based EmmiEngage

Main Changes:

  • Updates per AMR and UpToDate suggestion:
    • Addressed the name and focus of this program on the in-office diagnostic hysteroscopy which is a procedure that does not normally require anesthesia
    • Removed some risks that did not apply to the in-office, diagnostic hysteroscopy
    • Updated language and art relating to endometrial sample collection
  • Updates to improve inclusivity