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EmmiPrevent for COVID-19 automated outbound calling solution

Proactively communicate with your community and patients to provide key education about the virus, methods to remain safe, symptoms to look out for, and instructions for how to access care while minimizing risk to others. 

To learn how you can take advantage of this call campaign at no charge, please contact us or reach out to your Account Manager.

Understanding COVID-19 and How to Stay Safe

This video is available for public service announcements. Learn how to embedded on websites and other resources.

Additional Resources

UpToDate: COVID-19 Search Intensity Monitoring

Our interactive COVID-19 search intensity map helps clinicians and public health agencies track the virus and may support clinicians in gaining predictive insights on reported cases based on clinical search activity from 1.9 million clinicians at the point of care.

COVID-19 Content as a Service (CaaS)

Based on UpToDate patient education content, our chat bot for patients answers frequently asked questions about COVID-19. It can be added to your patient portal, application or web site at no cost.

Wolters Kluwer Health Coronavirus Resources & Tools

Our top priority is to protect the health and well-being of our communities and to arm our customers with the latest information available as the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation evolves. To support health professionals working around the clock to meet those most in need, we are making the following updates and resources available - at no charge - for clinicians, nurses and medical researchers, in response to new developments, evidence and guidance.