Emmi Program Updates and Enhancements - June 2022

The following programs will be released on June 29, 2022. To preview these programs, please visit tryemmi.com and enter the code JUN2022.
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New and Modernized Emmi Programs

Medication Adherence

Program Code: 33367

Subscriptions: EmmiHealth, EmmiEngage, Faith-Based EmmiEngage


To support doctors and patients working toward concordance with medication treatments by:

  • Using a questionnaire so patients can self-identify challenges they are having.
  • Sharing ways to overcome these challenges in short, focused videos that are appear based on a viewer’s questionnaire answers.
  • Offering communication strategies for patients to actively partner with their healthcare team.
  • Each section incorporates review of strategies and encourages goal-oriented thinking.

Program Code: 41

Subscriptions: EmmiPrep, EmmiEngage, Faith-Based EmmiEngage

  • Created intro section that incorporates branching for new vs recurrent patients
    • Patient feedback suggested program was too long, especially for those who’ve have colonoscopies before.
    • Recurrent patients now have option to jump to sections describing how to prepare for procedure.
  • Created new section dedicated to describing what a colonoscopy feels like for better expectation setting
  • Renamed all section headers to be more descriptive
    • “Risk and Benefits”, section is now “Are Colonoscopies Safe”
    • Added headers within “How to Prepare for a Colonoscopy” section that break down when steps need to be done ( i.e. “2 weeks before” “1 day before”)
  • Revised overall tone and language of program
    • Patient feedback suggested program was condescending at times
    • Removed gendered language
  • Updated age guidelines for colonoscopies and artwork to be more inclusive
    • Younger adults, not just older adults, are common colonoscopy patients
    • Included more racially diverse artwork
  • Created risk menu interactivity in “Are Colonoscopies Safe” section
    • Allows patients to select the risks they’d like to learn more about, shorter sections
  • Added more information on alternatives to “Alternative to Colonoscopy” section
These updates have also been applied to the following EmmiEducate programs:

  • Preparing for a Colonoscopy: Overview (32548)
  • What Happens During a Colonoscopy?: Overview (32029)

Updated Emmi Programs

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH): Treatment Options

Program Code: 500

Subscriptions: EmmiDecide, EmmiEngage, Faith-Based EmmiEngage

  • Updates to harmonize per CDI and UTD suggestions:
    • Listing of LUTS in “Your Prostate”
    • Expectation setting about when to see a urologist vs. GP, and when more specific tests are indicated
    • Update information about side effects of medicine treatments
    • Removed TUNA from potential treatments
  • Updates per AMR suggestions:
    • Added Water Vapor Thermal Therapy (Rezum®) in minimally invasive section
    • Updated treatment terminology
    • Added water jet as a device for ablation
    • Art and language updates to improve diversity of gender representation
    • Changed sections to streamline program

Program Code: 44

Subscriptions: EmmiPrep, EmmiEngage, Faith-Based EmmiEngage

  • Updated for gender inclusivity considerations
  • Updated content based on annual medical reviews:
    • Clarifying which past procedures may necessitate a C-section
    • Removing unnecessary information about the possibility of the baby dying before or shortly after C-section for health reasons unrelated to the C-section
  • Suggestions from UptoDate editors (UTD)
  • Adjusting language to match Childbirth® Emmi program
  • New standard language for Emmi programs:
    • Deleted specifics around what constitutes as a fever, since this can vary between organizations. Program previously listed a fever as 101°F or more.
These updates have also been applied to the following EmmiEducate program:

  • What Happens During a C-Section?: Overview (32042)
  • When Is a C-Section done?: Overview (31868)