April 2022 Emmi Enhancements
What's in this release?

The following programs will be released on April 27, 2022. To preview these programs, please visit www.tryemmi.com and enter the code APR2022. 

Updated Emmi Programs

Updated Emmi Programs

Carpal Tunnel Release 

Program Code: 67
Subscriptions: EmmiPrep, EmmiEngage

  • Updates to standard language
  • Updates to improve inclusivity

These updates have been applied to the following EmmiEducate programs: 
  • Carpal Tunnel and Your Wrist: Overview (31944)
  • What Happens During Carpal Tunnel Surgery?: Overview (32093)
  • What Can Cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?: Overview (32101)

Cardiac Pacemaker

Program Code: 77
Subscriptions: EmmiPrep, Faith-Based EmmiEngage, EmmiEngage

Main changes:

  • Updated for gender inclusivity considerations
  • Updated content based on annual medical reviews:
  • Added “passing out” as another common indication for a pacemaker
  • Added information about a leadless pacemaker
  • Added a risk of blood clots

Harmonized content with UpToDate:

  • According to UpToDate, some devices, like cell phones and smart watches, contain magnets that can deactivate a pacemaker.
  • Edited to advise patients to exercise caution and check with their doctor before using these devices.
  • Deleted specifics around what constitutes a fever, since this can vary between organizations. Program previously listed a fever as 101°F or more.

Theses updates have been applied to the following EmmiEducate programs: 

  • What Happens During a Cardiac Pacemaker Procedure?: Overview (32240)
  • Why Do I Need a Pacemaker?: Overview (31942)