ACDS – The Road to Clinical Effectiveness

Helping people make tough healthcare decisions to improve healthcare quality and reduce costs.

One of the most pressing issues facing most countries today is the trajectory of healthcare costs. In fact, the world’s major regions are expected to see healthcare spending increases ranging from 2.4 percent to 7.5 percent between 2015 and 2020.1 Healthcare spending as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP) is forecast to be 10.5% in 2020.2At these rates, eventually healthcare costs will surpass the GDP of many countries, putting their economies in peril.

More than ever, healthcare organizations are under intense pressure to decrease the costs of care while providing more value by improving care, outcomes, and ultimately, clinical effectiveness.

These challenges have created an incredibly difficult environment within which healthcare organizations must operate. In response to these challenges, Wolters Kluwer has developed Advanced Clinical Decision Support (ACDS), an integrated solution that provides clear, consistent, evidence-based information across the continuum of care to improve clinical effectiveness. From clinicians to pharmacists, patients, and payers — ACDS helps your entire care team make smarter decisions.

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Informs medication decisions at the point of care

Drug data powering EMRs and pharmacy systems

Engage patients in their health across the continuum of care

1 World Industry Outlook, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, The Economic Intelligence Unit, June 2016
2 Global Healthcare Risks, WHO
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